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Jan 29, 2010

In this week's show:


Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Alive WIP v1" by George Carpenter

Big Dave (OZ)
over ten years ago

In short, YES, everything is turning to shit.

over ten years ago

Great to hear Joe all fired up! I dont own a I-Phone etc and not that interested in the I-pad (though a colour e-reader would be sweet for comics, art books etc). Like all technology they can be time savers or time wasters. While one person twitters/watches crap on their I-Phone another person such as nurse or doctor has instant access to drug tables and equations or are listening to the \'ozone nightmare\'... I agree the cultures around the world are losing their way and becoming disconnected with nature, culture and themselves but that is nothing new

over ten years ago

I hope to hear from George again in future shows. He was a pleasure to listen to and a good addition.

Dave (UK)
over ten years ago

Brilliant, my Apple homepage just came up and my girlfriend burst into laughter,

\"What\'s up with you\", I asked.

\"Ha ha! iPad! New, improved, with wings!\"

One thing I noticed, and I may be barking up the wrong tree, was when you were discussing your individual mobility needs. Joe and George strike me as the types that would go to their phones and look up the location and directions to the restaurant whereas Lando, and myself would ask someone on the street. Yeah that\'s kind of the philosophy side of things but it illustrates where , as discussed, the niche market may be. It\'s not going to be for the likes of us with our windows and Macs at home and the phone for out and about and home-built gaming systems but I\'m sure it will suit the \"i\" generation cool-kids that have to be seen with them.

As an aside, my best wifi spot outside the home has to be my local pub at the end of my road. Sit in the garden with the laptop out and when the battery dies I pop back home to grab the other one!

over ten years ago

yo d00ds heavy cynicality in the show \"where\'s my cure for cancer?\" etc. You guys have to check out the eyewriter, this artist Zach Lieberman is making it software and hardware to help this graffiti writer with ALS make stuff again.

there is other stuff like this out there, but like anything really good you have to go out and search it a bit.

If I\'m cynical about anything it is that we expect people like Steve Jobs...who really doesn\'t know shit about technology...if it wasn\'t for Woz he would still be smoking pot in his parents house to \"give us\" cool things when we could be out there making it happen ourselves. Yes it is more work, but the reward is crazy good.

Also I feel so strange that we are starting to basically have technology from Star Trek and everyone is bitching about it (I, of course, understand why, but you know what I\'m saying)

(about 2:30)