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Aug 30, 2011

eight and a half years ago

A large factor in this storm being hyped up so much is how much social media rules peoples' attention. I say this as a 27 year old whose friends are all on Facebook/Google+ posting 1-3 times per day. Comments about the storm were everywhere from jokes about it before it happened, to updated travel plans, to video and photos during it, to words of relief or jokes about how tame it was afterwards.

The last time I was in a big hyped up storm (an ice storm in northern NY), there was plenty of hype on TV news, but that's about it. Now that our friends are the source of the hype it hits closer to home and more people get drawn into it. You hear your friends comment about how they are filling water bottles in case the power goes out and you are more likely to think you should do that too than if it were just some suggestion you heard on the news.