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Aug 11, 2007

This week Lando and I are expanding on an idea that came from the preamble of show 53. We're taking that last segment of Lord Acton's famous quote and dissecting it, exploring the notion of great men almost always being evil men. Is evil a necessity of greatness, or is there something more subtle involved in the transition of an individual from meager to mighty?

Opening Music: "Fire In The Sky" by Dave London
Closing Music: "ET" by Peplab


twelve and a half years ago

Hey Lando and Joe,

Great show. I can listen to you fellas talk shit all night.

Just an Idea maybe you can use

Could you put your show topics up possibly in advance to raise discussion with your listeners? You can than possibly bring into your show some of these opions and ideas.

I starting listening to your show as a Mysterious Universe listener and got turned on to you guys after your 3 hour marathon show with Ben.
The ozone nightmare is without a doubt my most anticipated podcast.

Keep up the good work guys.
Especially love the fact that the shows are looong.

(Aussie living in Peru, yeah your listeners are widespread)

twelve and a half years ago


i must say that I came to know you from the MU podcast. You guys are doing what a lot of people only wish they could do. Please keep up the podcast, they are superb. I have a quick question. What was the podcast from NYU that you guys were talking about?

Thanks again,


Liquid Joe
twelve and a half years ago

Hey Mark,

We were talking about Dr. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist who teaches at NYU. His podcasts and other information can be found at Enjoy!

twelve and a half years ago

I\'m gonna have to say that rape is evil. I can think of no culture or society where rape is good.

twelve and a half years ago

Rape is evil, I agree, but in our culture. I do know of cultures where \\\"rape\\\" is allowed. Perhaps frowned upon, but allowed to go on. And what about arranged marriages between much younger unwilling woman and older men of power? Its not a matter of an act being good so much as people letting it go on. Letting it go on is paramount to saying, its okay.

twelve and a half years ago

Lando, if you really want to get an iphone, you should conside