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Oct 30, 2013

Today on the 5: I didn't expect to get riveted to a comic series like I did to Planetary for a while, but Nowhere Men has snagged me hard.

over six years ago

Posted on behalf of thephotographer
I have to agree with you and your review of "Nowhere Men" It really suggests of a version of "Planetary" mixed with parts of "The Invisibles" + "Fantastic Four"+"Evangellion"+Neo 60's minimalist poster design... So far, I like the updated version of "The thing" mixed with the almost complete ripoff of the smoke demon from the 80's movie "The Fortress" a well executed theft instead of just copy. The design is impeccable and sometimes too movie like (it even includes JJ Abraham's lens flares before they teleport, I am sure you noticed) it truly seems to suggests these guys along with Mark Millar are no longer writing comic books but rather pitching storyboards for studios to make a potential movie. (Which must be said, has worked commercially with "kickass" but really I am dismayed by what they are about to do with "Nemesis" as that movie has been already green-lit and will possibly be made by legendary pictures, but, I honestly doubt they will use the original slogan "What if Batman was a cunt?") Here is my feedback, I suggest you read "Jupiter's Legacy" if you haven't yet. It is what happens when Millar does not have the rights but still goes ahead & makes a story about a Superman that has children, they grow up to become superpowered vindictive Lindsay Lohans. All mixed with a Greek tragedy attempt. Yeah, another movie pitch, you gotta give it to the guy, he pitches hard, retains rights over the comic but lets the movie execution fail: Look at "kickass"

over six years ago

Six is out

Image minus DRM finally a company understands.

"My stance on piracy is that piracy is bad for bad entertainment. Theres a pretty strong correlation with things that suck not being greatly pirated."
Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson"

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