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Aug 25, 2011

Simon (UK)
eight and a half years ago

Indeed, Predators was/is utterly MEH!
Predator - stone cold CLASSIC.. no need for exposition on the team, they all fit really well, superb characterization / superb actors!! I mean Carl Weathers AND Big Arnie!!!!
Predator 2 - genius in itself, if only for the over the top turn by Danny Glover, who spends the majority of the film 'barrelling' around the place, shouting, overacting... but! and a big but! (no not Glovers butt)... the ending is so sweet and saves the franchise in my humble opinion.
AVP - seems a little more tied into the Aliensverse, what with Weyland Industries / Bishop being both prominent.. and just serves as a primer to rewatch all the Alien flicks! Gotta admit though, the Creature Fights are superb and the Scottish 'Trainspotting' fella (Spud) is amusing...
Havent seen AVP2 ... guys ??? yes ive heard its shit :) proper shit! :D
And back round to PREDATORS - pointless rehash of Predator.. rubbish dynamic between characters - the BOLD way to have done this movie, would've been base from one of the PRedators factions.. but, hey, that's like 'None Profit Making'... sigh.