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Christopher Rose
over eight years ago

Hey Joe,

I am a big PKD fan and have read most of his books. I would love you to read 'The Man In The High Castle' and maybe do a 5 on it.
As a fan, i was really disappointed with it. I guess i must be missing something because everybody talks about it being one of his masterpieces. Without going into detail, i thought it was a good concept but just didn't go anywhere. I would love to hear what your thought about it.

On a side note, i actually started reading the book about 10 years ago on my first flight to the USA (for a holiday). It was a quiet flight, not all the seats were filled. Some guy sat next to me and we got chatting, turned out to be Mark Rolston (Drake from Aliens)... nice guy. However, after half an hour he did find somewhere else to go and sit... it may have been because the front cover to the PDK book i was reading was the USA flag but with swastikas instead of stars (or maybe i just annoyed him!?).