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Oct 30, 2015

This week:

Age Of Ultron
Jessica Jones
Mace Windu
Demon Deacon

Music for the show provided by Reed Love.

Rob V
over four years ago

So Mace Windu . . . .

When I first showed my daughter the Star Wars films, and got to the Mace ‘death’ scene, my daughter said, “Anakin better hide before Mace gets back.”

I smiled when I realized that she too didn’t think his character dead, and I asked her, “But Mace had his hand cut off and was thrown out of the window – how could he survive?”

She replied something like, “He was so high up, he could use the Force to land on a car like they did in the last movie. And everybody gets their hand cut off in these movies.”

Come on George – she was 10, and even she viewed this death as nonsensical.

Mike Acosta
over four years ago

Oh man I laughed so hard when you both were talking about Mace Windu and how he was killed in the Star Wars Movie...Whats even more funny and Ridiculous is that Darth Maul was cut in half and somehow he made it back into the series with enhancements and Mace didn't.