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Show News - Updated

Aug 28, 2007

Hey everyone,

Obviously a new show hasn't been posted yet, and very shortly it will be along with some show news. Nothing bad, just shifting some things around. Stay tuned.


OK, so now that the show is up, the change really just amounts to the show moving from Saturday to a weekday, either Monday or Wednesday. It's entirely in your hands, dear listeners, by email or commenting. Whichever day ends up with the biggest demand will be the new show day. It's just going to fit our schedules so much better, and keep us from scrambling at the last minute to get the shows done. Like I said earlier, no big deal, just a shift.



twelve and a half years ago

Once a week is cool. Any day. I catch when I can.

twelve and a half years ago

Wednesday. There\\\'s nothing on Television Wednesday nights. Just a bunch of CSI clones. Down with Necrotainment. Up with the Ozone Nightmare. Huzzah!

twelve and a half years ago

I like monday\\\'s it\\\'s earlier in a way and bus rides suck! It gets me thinking before school starts.

Dave Rhodes
twelve and a half years ago

whatever works for you works for me! I\'m just grateful for what i get and refuse to look this gift horse in the mouth...

twelve and a half years ago

i vote for MONDAY.
i have to take an absurdly long journey to college on bus everyday; listening to the show early would be a great way to kickoff the week.

twelve and a half years ago

Wednesday is cool with me. Gives me something to look forward to on Hump Day.

twelve and a half years ago

Hey gang. My vote is whatever works best for you two! I think it\'s great that you two are continuing to the Ozone Nightmare even though your schedules are hectic, so, for me, Monday or Wednesday is great, as long it doesn\'t drive you two bonkers... er... more bonkers.

twelve and a half years ago

On a side note... you know what creative types need to remember... don\\\'t take criticism personally, take it constructively. That was the most important thing I learned in art school. If someone says your work sucks, immediately ask them why. If they have no answer, then you know their criticism is useless. If they can give reasons why, then take it to heart and mind and work on your art.