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Oct 29, 2010

In this week's show:

The Singularity
Sci-Fi Science

Music for the show provided by George Carpenter.

Dave (UK)
over nine years ago

Er... what he said! Congrats lads! My excuse is fatigue and a shitty usb internet connection. Nonsense! Anyway enough of that.

Did I hear terra-forming get a mention? I bloody hope so otherwise I'm going mad. The Mars Trilogy (Kim Stanley Robinson) are an exceptional read if you want sci-fi, politics, psychology, and life. They span a couple+ centuries and show how it could be done (and the associated troubles).


And to get a bit political with The Big D: I quite like multi-party politics. It's made a nice change to have a coalition govt here in Blighty.

Big Dave (OZ)
over nine years ago

Ah.... I'm back. It seems the lightning strike also fried my mother board, not just the power supply.

First off, Congratulations on reaching 200 shows, I know I'm a show late, but that couldn't be helped. Keep going, I wouldn't know what to listen to to get my fix of anger, humour, ridiculousness, and culture.

On light-sabers, a friend looked at purchasing ($19.95) a 70cm toy one, that actually lit up , for her obsessed husband. He told her not to waste her money on toys, he wants the proper desk stand model ($200.00), all his friends have one.

Historically, if you look at the samurai, they continued to use the swords even after rifles and pistols entered Japan, and like the Jedi, were able to kill without their weapons. They probably saw firearms as barbaric. After all, any fool can shoot a gun.

Deathstar glitches, they couldn't fire the main weapon more than once a week, the cleaners union on the deathstar go on strike if they do, it causes the toilets on the dormitory levels reverse flush if they do, very messy!

You say you want more than 2 parties, but if you look at countries that do, they're completely screwed up. Over here we have what's known as a "hung parliament". No party has a majority, and they have to rely on independent candidates for support, giving them unprecedented power, and support for their minority policies.

P.S. In your face U.S. The Australian Dollar is now worth more than the U.S. Dollar!