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May 15, 2009

This week we're over the flu and back to normal, as we open tearing apart the new Wolverine movie before contemplating our dream team of John Carpenter and Riddick. After that, we discuss the Kindle DX and whether it will do anything to stem the bleeding of the big league newspaper industry. We then meander into some new legislation outlawing 'hostile speech' content from the web, which leads to a larger discussion on violence among very young children. It's pretty much all downhill from there. Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

almost eleven years ago

Far out, America is one weird place...I am certain here in Australia there are cases where kids are brutally killed by adults but not to the extent as in the U.S of A (because of welfare + some respite care?). From what i gather most child abuse here in Australia is emotional and sexual abuse by people who just have children for welfare and have no interest in the children at all. Some of these emotionally damaged children are attacking/harassing adults. I had a funny but i suppose disturbing incident not long ago when i was walking home and 4 young kids (about 8-13 years old - the youngest about hip high) started following me and yelling abuse at me. The eldest stood side on of me and started yelling as i just kept walking (keeping an eye on them making certain a weapon wasn’t drawn behind my back)...Rightly or wrongly i didn’t feel as i was in any danger as physically i could have easily defended myself in unarmed combat. If i stopped and told them that their actions were inappropriate and it turned nasty...I would have been the one who would end up in court charged with assault- I suppose the kids rational is they have nothing to lose and i have all to lose - job, court, police, criminal record etc... Walking away was my only real option but if they harass someone who is unable to defend themselves or feel threatened i will feel it is partly my fault for letting them get away with their behaviour when they tried it on me. Apparently it isn’t that uncommon for feral kids to harass adults as a friend was stopped by young kids where older teens are waiting in hiding. Suddenly the teens came from nowhere and he was jumped by a stack of kids but he said he was glad that he knocked a few teeth out of the young smart ass kid (about 13) who kept hitting him as he tried neutralise the situation.

almost eleven years ago

tough justice with nuance. I\'d vote for that...

almost eleven years ago

Judge Joe.
Now thats what I\'m talking about.

\"No fuck him, kill him\"