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eight and a half years ago

This feels like a grown-up podcast now!

eight and a half years ago

Working in a University library for the past 10 years the hybrid library is starting to lean towards a digital library - our budget for digital databases is 6-7 times that of print media...I still dont think print is dead especially in public libraries - also digital providers of electronic journals etc dont really play fair ball and you could lose thousands of journal titles if a big electronic publisher goes under or loses its digital distribution rights (unlikely but never know). I wonder if public libraries will survive with digital media, public funding cutbacks, outsourcing of generic selection of titles (no consideration to demographics, patron usage of collections etc) I still like to think libraries provide the ability for the public to get hopefully unbiased as a resource can be but so much pressure to get borrow stats up public libraries loan movie DVDs which is another debate is that the role of the library- Kindle in the library is great but i hate reading off a kindle - just seems so Soulless but will most likely jump on the bandwagon when a colour e-ink device comes out (comics, magazine, childrens books and illistrated books)- Anyway still love your show even though i am not as active on comment section