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Dec 12, 2007

This week we're coming to you fresh from some of the slimier basements of the internet, where the subject matter gets into very shady territory. One example is the infamous '2Girls1Cup' video, which I originally planned to watch and post a reaction video to in time for this show. After our discussion and some thinking about it, I decided against it but it highlights some of the ideas within the show: what drives us to watch these videos, and what does that say about us? Is this obsession with 'shock video' something we need to be concerned about or is it a natural evolution of our culture? What becomes the ultimate 'shock video' when we keep trying to top the last one?

Opening Music: "Fire In The Sky" by Dave London
Closing Music: "ET" by Peplab


over twelve years ago

oh my god.
i was just glancing at the description and saw \'2girls1cup\' and i just found myself caught in a completely surreal moment \'WTF\'.

yeah, 2g1c is awful, but I\'ve seen worse... really.
the BME olympics.. it\'s so gross.

over twelve years ago

I don\\\'t think anyone is really immune to shock videos. I have watched death videos (people killed in accidents), leaked files and executions etc which were quite easily found In the late 90\\\'s when internet was sort of new and very strange stuff was quite easily found. I have not watched those sort of files for at least ten years. I would watch some to get angry at the depraved world to excel in weight lifting in my very early 20\\\'s. I never got immune to them but i did become indifferent to them. Nothing would really shock me if i looked for those sort of files again but like 10 years ago the effects of feeling like shit and depressed would still be around for a few weeks. If you are immune i suppose it really means that you can watch those sort of videos and don\\\'t even think about it at 2 am in the morning when you think about Life, the universe and everything...I would say even seeing those videos I am very peaceful and normal. I would help people in my neighborhood, never been in a fight or really get angry and hate seeing anyone suffer. So watching them has not really changed me overall but maybe bit more saddened by stuff that people can do to each other. I could never watch Death or torture videos of animals especially pets (cats and Dogs) that were around. Would be interested if other people are the same. I don\\\'t know why i could see dead people and just suffer emotionally for a few weeks but never ever get over seeing an animal hurt. Interesting if other people are the same.

over twelve years ago

Does anyone remember the \"Faces of Death\" videos? They around in the 80s, and there were multiple volumes. They were kind of like America\'s Funniest Home Death Videos... people caught on video dying by accident. Plus they also included people eating monkey brains, and stuff like that.

So there definitely are people who are drawn to watch the horrifying, even just for a brief moment.

Although, after listening to you two talk about \"2Girls1Cup\" and the video of the reporters being beheaded, I actually have NO desire to see either of those films.

So maybe, sometimes, some people, after already witnessing the horrifying, just don\'t want to experience it anymore.

And overall, it probably just one of those things, I think, that is dependent on each and every individual\'s life experience.