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Mar 20, 2009

This week, we review Watchmen. Enjoy!

Opening Music: "Alive WIP v2" by George Carpenter
Closing Music: "Blau.ton" by Rauschwerk

Dave (UK)
almost eleven years ago

Have you sped up Blau.ton? Mind you I think you sped up everything tonight. I can\'t remember the last time 100 minutes passed by so quickly. Good to know my preemptive review didn\'t spoil your perspective (I didn\'t think it would).

The only thing I\'ll revive for the benefit of my fellow listeners is the choice of music for the Vietnam sequence. The cinematic joke was funny for about 1 second. Schoolboy error and, when viewed in isolation, unforgivable.

Oh, my good lady who knows a thing or two about the classics and 300 says she was not disappointed by the lack of 300 wangs. What can I say to that...

Big Dave (OZ)
almost eleven years ago

Sorry it\'s taken so long to comment, I\'ve been busy, and it was a long, but very enjoyable, show. First, I had absolutely no pre-knowledge of the characters, story lines, or history, apart from what I\'ve heard from you guys. So I watched as a complete novice. I really enjoyed it, so much that I will now hunt it down to have a read, I have never read a graphic novel, of any kind! I really enjoyed the story line, and the characters, and especially the opening credits, just like everyone else, I picked up enough from the opening to have a reasonable understanding of each of the watchmen. I\'m not sure about the giant blue penis though, it did steal the scene when it appeared. One of the women at work had seen it, so I asked what she thought of it, she blushed and giggled, I think there may be some blue body paint for her husbands birthday coming up. There were some teenagers near me in the cinema who giggled every time Silk Spectre II came on the screen, but went silent every time the big blue dong appeared, perhaps they were intimidated.

To Cooter, I\'m neither English, nor angry, I\'m Dave, I\'m Big, and I\'m Australian. And you\'re just a crazy South Canadian. Remember, I\'m Dave, and you\'re not!

almost eleven years ago

I\'m sitting in the library at UW-Green Bay, actively stifling the urge to yell out, \"It\'s Mach Rider! Mach Rider!\"

I think there is a compelling reason for the responsibility of the attacks to land on Dr. Manhattan. Watchman, the film, is a character driven narrative. The film presented that the growing threat of nuclear annhiliation grew almost exclusively on Dr. Manhattan\'s involvement in Vietnam. When he agreed to act as a superweapon for the U.S. it tipped the scales far to the favor of the Americans. The Russkies only option was massive nuclear proliferation. Dr. Manhattan takes responsibility, I think, to redeem himself and tie his narrative thread in a very nice little bow. And that is a requirement of major studio films. This change is a function of the medium.

And that\'s still why I contend that the comparison of source material to cinema, while interesting and satisfying, ultimately only serves to reduce appreciation.

I enjoyed the thoughts of all on this episode. It is probably the most comprehensive review of the movie I\'ve found.