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You've Been Drafted!

Sep 22, 2009

This week, Lando is looking to YOU for help. He's getting ready to do another 'Midnight Ink' segment, and he wants to know what you want in it! Any idea is up for consideration, so post whatever comes to mind in the comments below. Get in there, he's leaving it to you to help craft the show!

david rhodes
over ten years ago

Sorry for having a Peter Finch moment guys. It\'s been on my mind a while and just seemed to come out here.

david rhodes
over ten years ago

A footnote:

Big Dave (OZ)
over ten years ago

Opinions are like arseholes, everyone\'s got one, and usually people are much more interested in their own, so tell us about yours.

david rhodes
over ten years ago

Re: Unsigned

Firstly, the original questions were aimed at an American\'s perspective of what is happening in America.

Secondly, not everyone is checked as thoroughly as you would hope. Especially as is the case when it is the employer/law enforcement/school that will administer the shot en mass.

A direct example of this is my girlfriend who, due to a childhood illness, has a diminished immune system. She has been informed by her employer that she will have to take the shot or lose her job. Now who\'s selfish?

- as a sideline, your reaction to this scenario; \"Um they are stupid and selfish?\" is not only dismissive, insulting and ill-informed, but also a clear indicator of the whole hearted embracement of the propaganda and psy-op campaign aimed at the masses. The movement towards the finger pointing, snitching, telltales that brand the nonconformists unclean. This mob mentality will really care that someone has an immunity didorder/ religious sanction that prohibits their innoculation?

Thirdly, you would have to read the article to see its biased? Try \"GOOGLE\". Look it up and take your pick; Associated Press, Regional papers, BBC - I\'m sure you\'ll find every spin imaginable, but the fact still remains.

As does the fact of \"squalene\" that too.

To continue, 7 billion people in the world... wow. How many in the USA? the UK? Europe? Numbers are actually irrelevant. Do you really think its someone sat looking at a computer? Please.

Pattern recognition software will sift the data looking for what they deem to be a potential threat - and, no that doesn\'t mean just \"Muslim

If for example you purchase a flagged book/film, buy a particular magazine/newspaper etc, these actions create patterns that would put you on a \'no fly\' list and categorize you as a potential terrorist. No comebacks, no returns.

Bear in mind that this information will be used along with browser habits, text/email content, association with others and phone call keyword analysis. Google \'Facebook CIA\', you\'ll get the idea.

Did you know there are US Senators - Ted Kennedy included - who are on this list? Hey, google some articles on that.

Google \'no fly list\' generally. See how many Americans are on there? There\'s more \"terrorists\" in the US than Afghanistan. Wow.

Now for the Army issue. Again I remind you that this is a question aimed at an American. Maybe there are already troops on the streets of Australia. If not, imagine what it would be like.

The US has a (gradually diminishing)constitution that forbids the proactive use of its military on its own soil against its own people. Yet they have a rapidly rising military presence on the streets - see them for yourself on youtube. Roadblocks are commonplace around many cities.

This build up is like the analogy of boiling a frog. The land of the free? Only if you have ID and a fetish for a .50 cal.

I\'m confused by your last comment. I made no inferal towards your intelligence and I\'m sorry if you feel offended. As I\'ve said twice before, this line of questions was aimed at someone other than you. Being an Australian, you\'ll be subject to more government restrictions and influence in the future so to you, I stand by my last paragraph for your future reference.

Best of luck to all of us.

David Rhodes
over ten years ago

Hello big dave. My own opinion in all of this is: we be fucked. What\'s worse is it\'s by our own hands. Through financial foul play via the private banking consortiums of the federal reserve, the bank of England, the bundesbank etal, we have lost direct control of our governments and through direct funding, our military aswell. The fears of carl towards a private army are already realised by who controls our military forces. The top military officer in the US has gone on record to say he is briefed by Kissinger on directives and mission statements. His connections to the global elite are well documented.

These are not the ramblings of a deluded paranoid fool. You only have to enter the name Rockefeller into a search engine and start following hyperlinks and see the same names over and over. The trilateral commission, bilderberg, council for foreign relations.

It\'s all there and is so big, people cannot or refuse to see it.

The goal is not money. They own all that. Their goal is total control through centralised government. Part of the plan is the mass cull. See the Georgia guidestones for that one. It\'s a creepy monolithic statement of intentions with no owner.

There are five countries that do not fall under control of this banking elite... Cuba, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. That\'s some coincidence if it isn\'t connected.

But don\'t say anything or you\'ll be classed as a racist.

God help us all in the next few years.

over ten years ago

Thanks guys. Shows are done for now. Used a lot of the comments here, left some to discuss with Joe. Some things are better with two people pounding on them. It was all a big help though.

Stay opinionated. Stay informed. Better to discuss and be disgusted, then quiet.

david rhodes
over ten years ago

Thanks for your response. You mention IF someone\'s healthy. Who\'s to say who is healthy in the right way for a vaccine shot that may be pumped with an adjuvant that may send an \'individual\'s body into self destruct. Soldiers are pretty healthy as a rule yet they drop like flies when they\'re dosed.
As far as being selfish goes, if you\'ve had the vaccine, you\'re immune so it shouldn\'t matter. Right?

Also ask why 50% of New York health workers (mainly nurses)
are actually refusing the shot while here in the UK, doctors can collect a bounty of £5.45 for every shot they deliver. Doesn\'t this bypass any element of trust if you\'re just regarded as a \'bonus\'?

That you can\'t see the controlling aspect of the verichip is alarming. What may be initially a jab acknowledgement device can then be adapted to carry other info. Already there are companys that insist they are fitted as a condition of employment, to monitor an individual to ensure they don\'t do drugs, drink excessively etc. Its been made clear that governments want to eventually move to a cashless society. Over here there are ads on TV by Barclaycard, extolling the virtues of an RFID credit card. Follow this precedent along the line and your credit line will be in the palm of your hand. Literally.

A cashless transaction is a trackable transaction. Someone will know what you buy, where from and what time. They will know where you go and what your habits are...and we thought too many CCTV cameras was an invasion of privacy. To dismiss this so casually is very dangerous.

Now ask yourself WHY a \'free\' government such as Australia would want to limit the freedom of information to its own people? Could it be that in controlling that information, it can control its people more effectively.

Oh sure, there are ways around this but in conjunction with the ever expanding behemoth umberella that is Homeland Security, and the newly introduced laws that allow people tp \'take offence\' at anything that\'s written online, how long do you think it will be before your internet connection is monitored individually by some as yet black-ops software.

I can fully understand why this site now approves comments prior to posting.

And your final response of non foreign troops. Had a look at your military\'s recruitment demographic lately?

\"Service guarantees citizenship. Would you like to know more?\"

I\'m not getting at you personally Carl. As someone who has an interest in \'The Ozone Nightmare\', I\'d credit you with being a little further out from the centre of the herd to begin with but please, don\'t rely solely on \"the news\" for info for decisions that could really deeply affect your life.

over ten years ago

Your opinion on the US embargo on Cuba and whether you think Obama did the right thing in renewing it.

Where do you see Cuba when Castro dies

Re david rhodes
over ten years ago

Vaccine: I am not a doctor but From what i have read anyone who gets a Vaccine shot is checked beforehand and basically anyone is healthy enough to get a Vaccine shot unless you have an impaired immune system (transplant, cancer, etc), specific allergies and babies under a certain age etc.). So if you live in a community and don’t have any shots or don’t get your kids immunized you are increasing the chance of Children/Adults who cannot have the shots getting sick...
\"Also ask why 50% of New York health workers (mainly nurses) are actually refusing the shot while here in the UK\" Um they are stupid and selfish?…I don’t know I would have to read the article if its biased ... If you listen to Bob Novella from the podcast \"Skeptics Guide to the Universe\" he debunks most of the anti-Vaccine movements claims with peer reviewed articles and information…
\"controlling aspect of the verichip is alarming\" Approx 7 billion people in the world...Too much data for governments/world governments to process and track...Fear of a cashless society because they can track all your purchases? Oh, No ...Now some corporation can specifically market me stuff and some Government agency has a database on everything i buy...Really i don’t care! Not being naive but government has bigger problems than knowing i buy X brand and X medications... I know we are over governed, watched and turning into a nanny state mate and understand concerns and not as flippant on the subject as I may sound
\" Had a look at your military\'s recruitment demographic lately\" I was part of the Army reserve and still have serving Army and Army reserve mates.. .None supported Muslim beards and those who were Muslim were not radical...Well i don’t know for certain if they had other agendas but they were people i would trust covering my back...I cannot comment on any other Army especially USA. Police can be just as corrupt as Army… I know Blackwater mercenary Army is a big danger that America should never been involved with and would not want anything similar in Australia.
“please, don\'t rely solely on \"the news\" Mate, just because my views differ from yours does not mean I am any dumber or smarter than you…no matter how naive my views may seem to you does not mean I haven’t read both sides and understood the perils of each topic

david rhodes
over ten years ago

How about the verichip and its use with the swine flu shot? Will you be taking the shot, despite its risks? Apparently, employers will be be threatening to sack those that refuse the vaccine at work.

How about the intended dismantling of the internet? It will eventually be controlled through limited, censored gateways as in China.

What about the gradual introduction of the military as law enforcers. Have you noticed how much camo is on the streets?

Or how about how paranoid I am?

Or am I?

over ten years ago

Re: david rhodes post...Interesting topics...The huge benifits of vaccine shots outweigh the risks..If you have no heath problems and dont get the shot you are selfish and increase the risk of those who cannot get the shot..
verichip is an interesting divice and i would have one implanted if it helped me, dont see how it would track or control me... Future of internet will be interesting, The Australian government wants to censor what the public can access but i recon just like torrent sites etc with movies, tv games. porn etc people will find away around any sanctioned restrictions...As i understand in China it is geting harder to control the flow of information in and out of the country...military as law enforcers- only if they are NOT privately run company and are not some overseas contracted army

over ten years ago

Knowing how Lando is a big William Gibson fan I would have liked to hear his thoughts on the last (latest) of Gibsons books - namely \'Pattern Recognition\' and \'Spook Country\'. These titles did pop up here and there on the show, but were never speciffically mentioned - maybe a little review/impressions? Also, how would you rate the new novels comparing to \'the Bridge Trilogy\' and Neuromancer books? Is such a comparison even possible?

over ten years ago

Lando mate,

I would like to hear any topics such as (1) what got you involved in weight lifting (2) excerpts of your writings and inspiration behind them (You keep saying your a writer and you have only posted a few examples on this blog) (3) Any weird driving or growing up stories (4) A day in the life of Lando (5) what got you involved in comics/cyberpunk/sci-fi books/movies etc (6) most useful/strange University degree you did (7) what it is like living in the U.S.of A the most electrifying but dangerous and unequal developed country in the world (well my perception anyway)