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Dave (UK)
almost nine years ago

Utterly tardy to the party. I apologise unreservedly.

Lando congratulations you and your good lady wife who, let's face it, did a damn site more work than you did!

You're right about the whole birth thing, I was there for mine. It's an experience. It stinks too!

That kid is going to get one hell of an education...

Big Dave
almost nine years ago

Congratulations, you'll make a great father.

How soon till you start with the bad jokes?

almost nine years ago

Congratulations Lando! I will be surprised if a show comes out each week as the first six months you will be walking around like a zombie due to lack of sleep. I will be surprised if you have time for your weights as well! Feeding every two hours is a killer but it gets heaps better by about nine months